Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Indian Princess Mikayla

Mikayla's preschool had their Thanksgiving program today. Last year, Mikayla was a little turkey, but she has graduated to an indian this year. We always enjoy the performances at her preschool. Mikayla even joined in on some of the singing this year!

This is a view of all of the kids.
After the program, the kids had a Thanksgiving "feast"

This is Mikayla holding her acorns that she was insistent on taking home. They were only meant to be table decorations, but Mikayla needed them for her "collection" (of what I am not sure).


kathymatthews927 said...

That is the cutest Indian Princess in history.

Morgan and Emily said...

I'm loving the cheesy grins!

Lizzy said...

These pictures could not be any cuter -- I love that she took the acorns home too! What did she do with them then?

Rachel said...

oh, she has them in a little bag and carries them around. She loves to collect things - coins, rocks, sticks, etc.... It is a miracle Gavin hasn't choked on anything yet.

Jenny said...

What an adorable princess! Audrey loves to collect bits and pieces of nature, as well - acorns, pinecones, stones. We dumped it all when we moved, much to her dismay! Time to start a new one!