Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

We have had a week full of Halloween celebrations.

On Tuesday, we had a the Trunk or Treat at church.  We had to hold it inside because it was raining.  I didn’t get a lot of pictures of the actual Trick-or-Treating portion because it was pretty much mass chaos on the hallways where all of the kids were.  Mikayla was excited to dress up for her premiere showing as Tinkerbell. 

IMG_3954 IMG_3955

On Wednesday night, Jeremy was home from work ,  so we decided to carve pumpkins together.   IMG_3957

Mikayla helped poke the holes of the pattern so that I could carve the designs out.  I also let her help carve the larger portions of it.  IMG_3958

Daddy and Gavin watched the Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin while Kayla and I carved. IMG_3960

I thought they turned out pretty cute! IMG_3963

On Friday, Mikayla’s preschool hosted a costume parade.  It was a lot of fun seeing all of the kids dressed up – there was some really cute costume.  There were a couple of fairies, but I do believe that Mikayla was the only Tinkerbell. IMG_3964

The kids even got to go Trick-or-Treating to all of the classrooms.   IMG_3966

After the Trick-or-Treating, they had a Halloween party full of yummy goodies, stories and crafts.  Mikayla had a lot of fun and I was happy to be able to be there with her.   

So, finally, tonight was the “big” night.  We were a little worried that the weather and rain was going to spoil our plans, but we had nothing more than a heavy drizzle.  So with umbrellas in hand, we were able to go out and have a fun time.  Mikayla had a great time, but she was also fairly patient in waiting for her slow moving little brother.  The were so cute together!

IMG_3982 My sweet little Tinkerbell.  She had so much fun having her hair done “pretty”, having glitter put in her hair and getting to wear makeup.  She was such a cutie!IMG_3984

This is my handsome little Peter Pan.  You can guess how long that hat stayed on his head, but it was pretty cute for the 30 seconds that it did.  He had a lot of fun this year and really enjoyed going to the houses and saying “tweee!” (treat)



This is my cute little nephew, Andrew.  He was a turtle – such a cute costume!  He was so laid back and really seemed to enjoy watching his crazy cousins. 

IMG_4002 We had our family over for dinner during all of the trick-or-treating fun.  This has become a fun tradition that I really enjoy.  The kids had these “mummy” dogs.  Mikayla thought they were really neat. 

IMG_4008 This is apparantly what happens after a serious sugar high – you crash!  Mikayla just crawled in to Jeremy’s arms and passed out.  She is such a sweet and cuddly girl at the end of the day


Gavin, on the other hand, who had no candy, was wired and ready to go all night.

I just love these special occasions with my children – they make for wonderful memories!


Lisa said...

You MADE those costumes!? They're amazing! And the kiddos are so cute! Happy Halloween!