Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My good shopping day!

So have been trying the whole spend less/ save more thing that I think every0ne in America is trying to do right now.  We are doing great, but I have felt this urgency to get a good emergency fund in our savings account, just in case.  Best to be prepared!

One way that I have been able to free up more money is in our grocery shopping.  I have started cutting coupons and shopping the sales. I have been able to really build up our food storage for very little money.  I use this website to help me out – this lady matches up the sales and coupons for you so that you can see where you can really maximize your savings.  Usually, I am able to save about 40 % on my bill, but today I did awesome!  It was pretty exciting to see how much I was able to get for so little.

 IMG_2814 First, I went to Publix.

Total before sales and coupons: $70.13

Total after sales and coupons: $32.95  ( I saved $38.08 – that’s  54%!)

I was pretty impressed with this total since I had some non-sale items in there as well (lettuce, bread and produce).IMG_2815

Next, I went to Kroger:

Total before sales and coupons: $25.18

Total after sales and coupons: $8.12 (I saved $17.06 or 68%!!)IMG_2816 My final purchase was some diapers and Rite Aid. 

These were on sale for $8.99.  I had a coupons for $2 off the Overnite diapers (A must at our house, unless I want to be awakened at 6am).  I can also get a rebate through Rite Aid for $3.  So after all is said and done, I will only have to pay$3.99 for a pack of diapers!

That makes for a good day of saving in my book!


Jenny said...

Way to go! I have been thinking I really need to get into couponing - I have a friend who's a pro and she's gotten some amazing deals - but it just seems so overwhelming. I'm going to check out that site you posted for sure, thanks!

MaryBeth said...

That is awesome!

Lisa said...

I love Publix's BOGO!