Thursday, April 09, 2009

Easter fun

Last night, we took advantage of Daddy being home and we decided to do some fun Easter activities.   The first thing we made were “Resurrection” rolls.  This was my attempt to try to teach Mikayla about the true meaning of Easter.  It is a difficult concept for a four year old.  She still had a hard time grasping the idea, but we had fun making these together.IMG_2685

Mikayla was VERY excited to help me cook.IMG_2686

First you take the body of Christ (a marshmallow) and dip His body in oil (butter).IMG_2687

Then you cover his body in spices (cinnamon sugar) IMG_2688

After His body has been prepared for burial, you wrap His body in a cloth (a crescent roll triangle).  Now that His body is ready, you place it in the tomb (the oven) and wait (at 350* for about 10 minutes)IMG_2692   When you pull the rolls out of the oven and let them cool, you open the rolls up.  The marshmallow has disappeared, symbolizing the Resurrection.   It was a fun little activity (and yummy!) to do with Mikayla.


While the rolls were baking and cooling, we dyed some Easter Eggs.IMG_2690

We got pretty creative with our color combinations.IMG_2693

When Mikayla picked out the egg dyeing kit.  She picked out this cute princess one.  I figure this will be the last year we can really do a gender specific kit – I am sure Gavin will have more of an opinion next year.


Carol said...

You are a good Mom! Glad you had fun. Love, Mom

brossettelewis said...


Jessi said...

those resurrection rolls are awesome. my girls really enjoyed them at activity days.

JAMIE said...

thanks for the idea, I think we will do this tomorrow!

kellyclay said...

Great Idea we will probably have to wait to do this for Family home evening one night since I do not have all the ingredients!!

JAMIE said...

It's really important to let them cool, or else they are "Eat Jesus" Rolls. ;)

Jenny said...

So fun and festive!