Thursday, April 09, 2009

It may be genetic

When I was little, I had a blankie.  My favorite part of this blanket was its silky edges.  I would run that silk part between my fingers for comfort. 

Gavin had a little fever over the weekend and he was sitting on the couch watching some TV trying to take it easy.  I covered him with this blanket and he started running that silky edge between his fingers.  It was kind of fun to see a little characteristic of mine coming through in him.IMG_2683 IMG_2682


Jessi said...

When I was growing up a lady in our ward made her daughters silky blankets. I can only imagine if the trim is so nice how awesome an entire blanket would be.

Carol said...

That is a precious closeup of his pudgy little fingers! I have many fond memories of that little girl with her 'bankie'!

Laura Miller said... starts :)

Lisa said...

Rachel, he's so big!

Jenny said...

It must be genetic, because I did it and now my kids do it too! Those Scott genes run strong... ;)