Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Look who spent the day with me!

 IMG_2790 My sister is in town this week to visit.  Her and her family will be moving here this summer (YAY!), so my sister wanted to go to Athens where they will be living, and look at some places to rent.  She didn’t want to take Andrew so he got to spend the day with me!

I was a little anxious about having a third child here, but luckily, Andrew is a very easy-going baby.  We had a fun day together.  He is such a cute and smiley boy that is growing up way too fast.IMG_2795

Mikayla was so excited to have her cousin here.  She kept cuddling with him and “showing” him how to play with toys.IMG_2796

This is actually Gavin cuddling in his own special way with Andrew.  He sat down and then backed up to him.  It was pretty cute.


Jenny said...

So fun to see pics of the cousins together. You will have so much fun with Morgan, Emily, and Andrew closer by!