Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sweet baby Nora

I have a new niece!  My sister had a sweet baby girl on February 24th.  Her name is Nora Jean and she is just so darling.  I love getting to cuddle with her!

I was fortunate that Jeremy was off the day after Emily delivered, so I was able to drive to Athens to see the new babe.   I’m not going to lie, I got very teary when I picked her up.  She is so teeny and my baby is so big (relatively speaking at least).  It feels like yesterday that Brooke was that small.


Doesn’t Emily look fantastic for just having had a baby 24 hours ago?  That’s what you get when you only labor for about 6 hours and push for, maybe, 15 minutes (she’s a delivery rock star!).


Look at all of this hair!  And that is not baby fuzz, my friends.  That is big girl hair that you can put all kinds of clips in.  I must say that I am a tad jealous.


The kids, well, mostly Mikayla were so anxious to see their new cousin.  So the weekend after Emily and Nora came home, I made the trek out to Athens again with my little ones in tow. 

Mikayla was a natural holding Nora.  She has had a good bit of practice!  She just loved getting to hold a little baby again. 


Gavin did a good job, too.  He was satisfied with a quick hold, though.  He did remark at how “shute” (cute) she was. 


We thought that Brooke should have a turn holding her baby cousin, too.  She was pretty enthralled with her.  She particularly liked trying to poke her eyes out.  I think she is jealous of all of the hair. 


I love this picture.  Brooke was just so interested in Nora.  I like to think they were reacquainting themselves after their brief separation from their time in Heaven together. : )


This picture makes me a little emotional.  I love how happy my mom is when surrounded by her grandchildren.  She is a great grandma to them!  I also want to note how good Andrew has done with having a new baby sister.  He has been so gentle and patient with her.


This is just a funny pic I had to share.  Nora’s foot is on the left and Brooke’s midget-sized foot is on the right.  She is barely in a size 1.  I have no idea what I am going to do when she starts walking.


I get to see Miss Nora again soon and I can’t wait to see how much she has grown….they grow all too fast, especially in these first few weeks.


Emily S. said...

Two quick edits from Nora's mom... she was born on the 24th.... and the labor was only 6 hours. :-)