Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mikayla’s new bed

So having the girls share a room has been a little challenging in the space department.  They were doing really well actually sharing a room, but I seriously wanted to pull my hair out everytime I walked in there.  It was just….cramped.  There was always stuff everywhere and it drove me nuts.  I saw a bed at Ikea I wanted and lucky me, found a used one on Craigs List for half the price.DSCF4048

This is  a picture of the disassembled bed.  Not very girly….but I took care of that.  we painted the wood pieces white and covered the blue panels with pink fabric.  This thing was a pain in the you know what to put together.  Well, actually, the assembly wasn’t that bad, but getting those panels into the grooves about put me over the edge.  Jeremy helped me though and with some true Wonder Pets-style teamwork, we got it done.

This is a picture of the girls’ room when you first walk in the door. 


This is a view of her bed.  I am SOOO pleased with how it turned out.  I really love this bed.  It is a loft bed, but it is only about 4 ft off of the floor, so changing the sheets and putting Kayla in to bed isn’t tooo bad.   It has helped greatly with some storage issues.  We moved the stuffed animals out of their closet and into the bins underneath her bed.  Their dirty clothes, which always seemed to be all of the floor, now has a bin in the closet to stay.   The nightstand will have to move eventually (before Brooke figures out how to crawl out of the crib), but we’ll cross that bridge later.


The kids have loved have a little play area.  Mikayla likes to take Brooke under there and play with her and read books to her. 


It has been a fun place for all to play.  I also like that her toys pretty much stay under there, which means they aren’t all of the room.  I can actually breath and enjoy this room now.  That’s a success in my book!