Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We decided to stretch out our Valentine’s celebration this year.   On Valentine Eve, I made breakfast for dinner ( a favorite here! ).   We had heart shaped pancakes and I attempted some heart-shaped bac0n that I saw on the internet – they looked a little more like bacon blobs.


On Valentine' morning, I made some heart shaped cinnamon rolls.  Very easy and very yummy!


I made the kids Valentines this year that they shared with their classes.   Gavin’s were suckers made to look like Super Heroes.  Mikayla’s were suckers made to look like butterflies.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of those.  I made those the night before she needed them while I had a migraine, so the thought to take a picture of them did not cross my mind.  They were cute, though!


On Valentine’s Day, Jeremy had to work late, so my grandparents invited us and my parents to go out to dinner for some Chinese.  I wanted to make sure that Jeremy came home to some Valentine happiness, so we set out cards and cookies for him. 


I helped the kids make this card for him…their thumbprints made those little heart. <3


Some pictures of my sweet little Valentines before we headed out to dinner.  I just love them so much!DSCF3948DSCF3955

We had a great night at with my parents and grandparents.  Brooke was quite the little charmer that night!


When I got home, these were waiting for me…..I have a wonderful husband.


I tell you, Jeremy is a master flower picker.  He always picks the most beautiful bouquets.  This one also had lasting power….it stayed near perfect looking for nearly two weeks!