Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mr. Scuffles!

Gavin’s preschool class has a stuffed dog that gets to spend the weekend with one of his classmates each weekend.  Mr. Scuffles got to come to our home over President’s day weekend.  Here are some pictures of his adventures with us.

2012-02-15 11.22.07

On his way to a visit at Grandma’s house.

2012-02-16 16.36.16

He came with us to pick Kayla up at school after her animal club meeting.


We had a twin version of Mr. Scuffles!  They enjoyed getting to visit with one another.


Mr. Scuffles had lots of fun with our family.  It was fun to include him in our everyday comings and goings.  We finished off the weekend with a journal entry complete with pictures.DSCF3988