Friday, May 27, 2011

Strawberry Picking Fun

At the end of April, Mikayla had a teacher workday, so we decided to drive out to Athens and spend some time with my sister and nephew.   There is a local farm near her that grows strawberries and they were in season, so we decided that would be a fun activity for the kids. 


Our attempts to get some pictures of the kids at the farm prior to going out and picking some strawberries.  


The farm uses a system with these pink flags to mark where the strawberries have been picked.  You go down to a pink flag, pick it up, start picking strawberries down the row, and then place the flag at the end spot where you stopped picking.  The kids had a LOT of fun with these. Smile


Mikayla quickly turned into an expert berry picker.  She was very good at picking out ones that were perfectly ripe and picking them from the plant without demolishing them.


Gavin, on the other hand, was not as enthusiastic about picking the strawberries, at first.  He did eventually come around though.


Mikayla and Gavin ended up working very well together to fill their bucket.


Ah, the fruits of our labors! (And I mean labor!!!  It is not that easy to bend down and lean over to pick strawberries when you are 7 months pregnant!)



As we were leaving, the kids spotted this tractor and begged to sit on it.  Emily and I thought it was a good photo opportunity, so of course, we let them. 


After baking in the sun, we decided to go swimming.  Thankfully, Emily’s complex opened their pool pretty early.  I don’t think I have ever been swimming in Georgia during the month of April.   The kids were super excited! It was a perfect ending to a very fun day.


This is a small picture of what 10 pounds of strawberries look like all washed and hulled and ready to be used in lots of recipes.  I spent all week using these things!  We made freezer jam, strawberry syrup, strawberry bread, and strawberry leather (which was a total flop!).  We still had plenty of strawberries left to just snack on, too.  It’s amazing the difference in taste in freshly picked berries – they were just delicious!

We had such a great time doing this.  It is something that we will definitely have to make an annual trip of.