Friday, May 27, 2011

Last Day of Preschool

Gavin had his last day of preschool last week.  They started off the morning with a musical program, which Gavin rocked!  He sang all of the songs, did all of the motions and had a smile plastered across his face.  He was happy to be able to see us in the crowd of parents and took great pride in waving at us from time to time. Smile


Afterwards, the kids had a little luau to kick off summer.  Is that not the face of  pure happiness??


The had a bubble machine set up outside which Gavin just loved.  I think he could have stayed out there for hours.


The also had a limbo dance, preschool style.  This just basically means that they all dunked under the stick.  Pretty cute, though!


Gavin with his class and then his teachers.  Gavin had the best teachers this year.  He loved going to school and playing with his friends and teachers.  I know he will miss it this summer (me, too!)