Friday, May 27, 2011

Last Day of School!!

This past Wednesday was Mikayla’s last day of school.  I decided to make it a fun day for her. 


I first made her lunch and decided to make it look a little fun!  Mikayla loved it!IMG_1449

Mikayla on her way to her last day of school – I can’t believe how much she grew up in just a year. :*(


When Mikayla got home, I had this sign posted on the front door for her to see.  Unfortunately, it didn’t bring a lot of smiles.  When Mikayla got off of the bus, she was not running and yelling for joy like all of the other kids.  Instead she was walking very slowly and sadly.  When I got to her, her eyes filled with tears and she asked me “Why do I have to leave Kindergarten?”  I brought her inside and just held her.  My poor sweet girl is just so tenderhearted.  She loved Kindergarten and her teachers so much.  She is not keen on change.  I reminded her that first grade would be so much fun and that she would still get to see her friends and teachers.  She perked up and after a trip to the pool she was all smiles.  I later found out from her teacher that she was pretty tearful at the end of the school day as well.  She ended her school day crying in her teachers lap.  Thankfully, she has made a full recovery and is really enjoying summer vacation so far.