Friday, May 27, 2011

Easter fun!

We had a nice Easter weekend several weeks ago.  It was a little out of the ordinary, because I had to work on Easter Sunday, but it was a nice weekend, nonetheless.

On Saturday, we went to my parents house for an egg hunt, dinner and some Easter fun.  It was so nice to be able to spend time with everyone.


The kids had a blast hunting for eggs this year.  Mikayla was real good about letting her younger brother and cousin have plenty of eggs to find.  She had fun showing them where they could find some.  IMG_1323

After dinner, we let the kids dye some Easter Eggs.  This is a picture of Mikayla dying an Easter Egg blue.   What I don’t have a picture of, is her accidentally spilling that blue dye all over the place.   IMG_1325IMG_1326

Mikayla’s leg was dyed blue and well as the bar stool she was sitting on.  Thankfully, it came off of my mother’s hardwood floors.  Mikayla’s leg returned back to normal after about two good scrubbings in the shower.  The bar stool, however, is still tinted blue.  I’m glad Mom was thinking of repainting them sometime soon anyways!


Our Eater eggs…notice there is one lonely little blue egg. Smile



On Easter morning,  the kids had fun opening there Easter baskets and playing with some of their goodies.   We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast and spent about an hour together before I had to get ready and leave for work.  Mikayla was a little bummed that I was leaving, but I explained to her that unfortunately, kids still get sick and hurt on holidays and someone had to be at the hospital to take care of them.  I told her that all the nurses took turns working on holidays and this year, it was my turn. She seemed okay with this.

After I left, Jeremy got the kids ready and they went to my in-laws house to have another egg hunt and an Easter lunch.  I am so grateful that we have so much family close by to celebrate these holidays with.  It made me not being with them a little easier, because I knew they were still with family and having a wonderful day.