Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Unexpected snow vacation

On the night of Sunday, January 9th, snow started to fall at our house.  It fell very quickly and by the time Jeremy and I went to bed, we had almost 3 inches of snow.  When we woke up, there was about 6 inches on the ground.  Needless to say, school was cancelled (which made for a very happy Kayla).  Another bonus was that both Jeremy and I were scheduled off that Monday and Tuesday.  It was nice to not to have to worry about whether Jeremy was going to work or not and how I was going to try to get to work (since there are no snow days for nurses).  We had wonderful couple of days off together and really enjoyed being snowed in. 

We were out pretty early Monday morning and then again that afternoon.  The kids had so much fun running around, throwing snowballs and sledding. 


I loved the thick blanket of snow.  It was so pretty!  I am used to snow where the grass is still peaking through.  It makes a very nice backdrop for snow pics!


Mikayla and Gavin making and throwing snowballs and Daddy.  Mommy was off limits because of the baby in the belly. Smile


Mikayla taking part in her favorite snow activity – snow angels!


This is the top of our grill – it gives you a better idea as to how high the snow was.


I love the way my house looks covered in snow.


Everyone had a lot of fun pulling each other on the sled.  Jeremy was the only one that had a lot of success.


This is our snowman that we…er…I built.  It was not an easy task.  After the snow, we had a period of some sleet that created a nice layer of ice over the snow.  This made the snow pack together fairly nicely, but it was impossible to roll the snow into a ball.  So with Jeremy’s help, the snowman is more of a snow pile that was carved into the shape of a snow man.  It took some time, but I was pretty proud.  The kids were happy with it, too!


Jeremy and the kids had a very heated snow ball fight with our neighbors. 


Our driveway was pretty slushy, so it was impossible to slide down.  The street had a pretty thick layer of ice that Jeremy would pull Mikayla around on really fast and then let of the sled so that she would slide for a distance.  My little daredevil loved it!


The kids had fun putting their backyard toys to good use in the snow.


I just love the looks of pure joy on their faces!

So, the snow wasn’t a huge weather issue, but the very thick ice that was left created some very big problems for the Atlanta area.  The city was virtually shut down until Thursday and school was cancelled for the entire week.  We lost our mid winter break, but I really didn’t mind.  I had so much fun being at home with my family during our snow break.  I was very glad to see the snow go, though – I like it, but in small doses.  I am definitely a southern gal!