Monday, February 07, 2011

Christmas Snow Fun!

So, due to all of the Christmas festivities, we didn’t actually go out and play on Christmas Day.  However, the day after Christmas, church was cancelled, so we headed out early to play before Jeremy had to go to work.


Mikayla LOVES to make snow angels.  I wish she would save this until later in the playing time though because she gets so wet!


My little snow sweeties!


Our driveway was one big ice slick, so it made for some great sledding.  Gavin only made one trip, but Mikayla made several.


After a morning filled of fun in the snow, Mikayla decided she needed some warm chocolate and a seat in front of the fire.  Sounds like a good place to me!


Later that afteroon, the kids and I headed down (very slowly!) to my parent’s house to celebrate Christmas with my dad’s side of the family.  I got there a little early so that the kids could play in the snow some since it was starting to melt.  We made a snowman while we were there.  I should say I made a snowman, which probably accounts for why it is so short.  Pushing around a snowball when you are pregnant is not a lot of fun.  The kids were thrilled with him, though.  That’s all that matters, right!

The snow made this Christmas vacation so much fun.  It really added to the fun of the season. I hope that they remember this, because this is not a frequent occurrence here in the south. 


Emily S. said...

I'm shocked that you didn't post the common view we all had of Mikayla.... :-)