Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day?? Maybe next year….

I typically love spending Valentine's Day with my family.  We have a fun time spending time together and making a real day of it.  This year started of with the best of intentions for this.  Jeremy had to work late on Valentine’s night, so we decided to have a nice dinner together as a family the night before.   The kids gave Jeremy the card they decorated and Jeremy and I exchanged cards as well.  I gave the kids some small little presents…socks and candy for Kayla and a book and some candy for Gavin.  Jeremy also got me these beauties.


It seemed to be the beginnings of a very nice Valentine’s Day.  As we were getting Gavin ready for bed, I did notice that Gavin felt warm, so I checked his temp and it was 101.2.  He had a little cough, so I figured he was developing a bad cold – no biggie.

On Valentine’s morning, we woke up and started getting Mikayla ready for school.   I made her some eggs and some heart-shaped toast.


Mikayla headed off to school, excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day at school.


Mikayla’s teacher asked me to help out with their little Valentine’s celebration.  Jeremy was home to be able to stay home with Gavin, so I jumped at the opportunity.  When I left, Gavin still had a little fever and cough, but was general happy and playful. 

I had a great time at Mikayla’s school.  I always love being to help out. 


While I was at school, Gavin took a little turn for the worse.  He spiked a temp close to 104 (despite being given Motrin) and threw up.  I decided to take him to the pediatrician where he was diagnosed with the flu (little frustrating since he had the flu vaccine).  The prescribed Tamiflu and we rushed home to meet Mikayla off of the school bus.  After Gavin woke up from his much needed nap, we headed to Target to get his prescription filled only to find out they were out of it.  After calling several pharmacies we finally found some.  By the time I got there and got the script filled it was 6:30pm.  So instead of the heart shaped pizza that I had intended on making, we drove through McDonald’s for our Valentine’s dinner (which I noted was dead even at peak dinner time).   We finally returned home, ate and went to bed – I was beat!

Instead of going to Gavin’s Valentine’s Party at school on Tuesday, I spent the day cuddling with this…

2011-02-14 12.34.03

and watching him do this…..

2011-02-14 15.14.40

He was just pitiful.  We have been very blessed to have healthy children and I have to say that this was his first significant illness.  Usually he has a slight fever for a day or two, but to look at him you would never know he was sick.  This wasn’t the case this time.  Whenever his temp would reach 102, he would start crying that his head hurt and that it needed a band-aid.  It made my heart hurt.  Thankfully, the Tamiflu started to do its job and he was well on his way to recovery by Wednesday.

Well, on Tuesday, Mikayla got off of the school bus where she apparently had fallen asleep.  This is definitely not normal for her!  She kind of laid around all afternoon.  She didn’t eat much dinner and asked to go lay down after she finished because she was a little sleepy.  Then she nearly fell asleep in the bathtub!  For anyone that knows Mikayla, she is a little ball of energy so I was definitely concerned that she was starting to get sick.  Just before bed, I checked her temp and it was 101.4.

So, the next morning we headed to the pediatrician, confirmed the flu diagnosis, and got some Tamiflu for her (I called ahead to pharmacies this time!).  She spent much of that day laying around and enjoying getting to stay home a little bit.  

2011-02-16 13.17.41

I was sorry that she felt bad, but I loved being able to watch her sleep and getting lots of good cuddles.  This girl does not sit still long and I loved soaking her up!

By Friday, both kids were well and life was back to normal – thank goodness!!


Laura (and Chris) Miller said...

Is it bad that Aunt Lollie actually enjoys the photos of a sick little buddy boy? They are so pitifully cute!