Saturday, February 26, 2011

Circus Time!

We made our annual trip to the circus again this year.  And again, we had a blast!  We were a little worried that we weren’t going to be able to go after Mikayla vomited the night before the circus.  Thankfully with some Zofran and resting her tummy, we were able to make it!  We did avoid most of the circus food, however (except for the cotton candy!), just to be safe.  IMG_1177

This was the first year we took Gavin.  He was so excited!  As we were walking up to the Gwinnett Arena and he saw all of the lights, his face was just lit up with pure excitement.  It was so fun to see!  He really enjoyed himself and really liked watching all of the acrobatic acts the most.  He picked out some little binoculars as his souvenir – those were a hit, too!IMG_1178

He is Kayla with her souvenir purchase.  Surprise, surprise she picked out a Bengal tiger.  She has gotten one for the past three years – she has quite the collection!!  You could tell she was pretty worn out from having been sick the night before and having had very little to eat that day, but she also seemed to have a very nice time.


We got great seats (at an even better price!) through my job.  We had no problem seeing everything.


This is always Mikayla’s favorite part of the circus.  She loves seeing the powerful tigers do their tricks.


This is Mikayla showing off all of her goodies.  Her tiger, the cotton candy, and the hat that came with the cotton candy.  She was one happy kid!


This is MY favorite part of the circus.  I love watching the elephants do their routine – it’s amazing to see such big animals do such intricate tricks.IMG_1193IMG_1195

As you can see, we all had a great time.  I love being able to see the joy on my children's’ faces during activities like these.  It makes for one happy mommy!