Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pre-school Christmas

Mikayla's preschool program was this past Wednesday. It is a pretty big affair and is always crowded with parents, grandparents and oodles of extended family. Jeremy unfortunately had to work, and had to miss it. Thankfully, my mom was able to come and she was able to man the video camera while I entertained Gavin.

We had to get there early, so Gavin ate his breakfast while we waited.
This is Mikayla as she walked down the aisle past us. This is the moment that she saw us - I love how excited she gets!
I apologize for the dark photo. I was pretty far in the back and my camera, while I love it, does have some limitations. The kids were wearing jingle bells on the wrist. Mikayla really got into the movement portion of the singing!
After the program, we went to the kids' classroom where they had their Christmas Party. She had so much fun with her friends.
Mikayla made some adorable Christmas presents this year. I love how they use her hands in many of these projects. She is growing so fast and I love that I can "capture" her size
in a something that I can keep forever. Last year, she made this using her feet.