Saturday, December 20, 2008

Family Photo Shoot

Today, my entire family had portraits done. With my youngest sister and husband leaving for his internship in China in about 18 months and our families starting to grow and spread out, it may be a couple of years before we are all together at the same time. Today was my mom's birthday, and she said that all she wanted was for everyone to happily gather to take some pictures (this can be a stretch for some of the husbands, namely mine).
Extended family photo

The "original" McKinney family

Granparents and Grandkids - I love how this one turned out
They haven't had a professional picture of the two of them in a while. I love it!
I was so pleased with how this photo turned out. Mikayla's smile was a little cheesy, but hey, that is my little girl. I also love Gavin's big laughing grin.
This is Emily, Morgan and Andrew's first family photo.
The newleyweds, Laura and Chris
The cousins!
Mikayla with a sweet smile (so she can do it!)
My sweet boy - look at all of those teeth!
My nephew Andrew - I love how sweet this picture turned out.


kathymatthews927 said...

What a wonderful birthday present for your Mom. The pictures turned out so good!!! I'm sooooooo jealous!

MaryBeth said...

So great! They all turned out so well!

Kate said...

So cute! What great pictures! We haven't done that in a while either. It's cool to see your whole family. Thanks for posting.
Merry Christmas sweets!

Lisa said...

Those are fantastic! I love that your clothes are all actually the same color. Usually if one says "wear red" you get like 38 different shades. What a wonderful present for your mom!