Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mikayla's Birthday Celebration: The Final Phase

Wouldn't you love to be able to celebrate you birthday over the course of a week? I think they should all be that way, especially when you are four and your birthday is a week and a half before Christmas.
Mikayla wanted requested cinnamon rolls for breakfast. She was excited because she got to eat off of the Special Red Plate.

For lunch, Mikayla, Gavin and I met my mom at Chuck E. Cheese. There was noone else there, so it made for a great afternoon. The kids had full reign of the entire place! Mikayla had fun riding all of the rides and playing the games. Gavin just walked around pushing buttons (his favorite pasttime). He even rode a couple of the rides.
For dinner that night, we took Mikayla to Red Robin. We lucked out because she was counting on seeing the Red Robin himself. Apparantly, he is only there on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Man, was I thankful that we were there on Tuesday!

Gavin was pretty enthralled with the Red Robin. He kept grabbing onto his wing and not letting go.

The wait staff sang "Happy Birthday" to Mikayla and gave her a parfait (it was just and ice cream sundae, but Mikayla loves reading Fancy Nancy, who insists that they are "parfaits")
After we returned home, Mikayla got to open her presents. She got Elefun, a game she has been asking for for months. The elephants trunk blows out little butterflies and you try to catch them in a net. She has played this at a friend's house - she was so excited that she gets to play it at hers now.

We also got Mikayla her very own camera for her birthday. It is a fully functional digital camera, but it is built pretty tough to withstand the abuse that a four year old could put on it.
She immediately started taking pictures of EVERYTHING. I was looking through her pictures today and she has taken over 200 pictures! Mind you, she has only had the camera for two days.
We had a wonderful time celebrating Mikayla's birthday over the past week. I hope that she had as much fun as us and that she will have good memories of her birthday.


Lisa said...

I love the "special" red plate!! Wherever did you find it? Growing up we had "special days." It could be because it was your birthday or you got a good report card or it could be because you had to go to the doctor and get shots. Either way, on your special day you got pick dinner and had no chores, stuff like that.