Monday, December 15, 2008

Mikayla's Birthday celebration:Phase 2

Mikayla's birthday party was this past Saturday. This was the first time that we had a party for her where we invited more than just one or two friends. Mikayla decided that she wanted to have a Wonder Pet themed birthday party. She loves the show and I thought it would be fun. I may have rethought that decision had I known how hard it would be to find Wonder Pet themed birthday things!

When the kids first arrived, they made some little puppet animals. We used kits made by Martha Stewart that required no cutting and no glue. This was a definite plus with eight 3-4 year olds.
After the kids finished their puppets, the kids participated in a scavenger hunt. The kids had to hunt around the room for items that would help them on their "rescue mission"
My mom made capes for the kids to wear. They turned out so cute!

I also made tin can phones for them, so that they could hear the "plea" of the animals in trouble. We did a beanbag toss in which the kids threw beanbags that had different animals on them, into boxes that represented their "homes" (land, sea and air)
After we compleded our mission, the "Wonder Pets" had their celery just as they always do after they have saved an animal.
Their are no Wonder Pet cakes to be found. I decided to to make cupcakes that looked liked the Wonder Pet badges. They were big hit.

After most everything was done, the kids had a pinata to open! We tried tying it to the ceiling, but the string kept breaking. I ended up just holding it while the kids pulled the strings and broke the pinata.
Mikayla got some fun gifts. She got Fancy Nancy dressup clothes and some....
"Wonder Pets!"
We had a great time celebrating Mikayla's birthday. I can't believe she is turning four!


Melinda said...

What a FUN party!
You are such a great mom!

Marissa said...

You really know how to throw a party. I bet the kids loved it. It sure looks like Mikayla did.

Katie said...

Great job! She is adorable.

MaryBeth said...

Rachel, that looked like so much fun! Too bad Aren is turning nine on Saturday...I don't think he'll let me do a Wonder Pets party for him.