Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pre Fourth of July celebrations

Our city typically holds their Fourth of July celebrations on July 3rd.  With the Fourth falling on a Sunday this year, they opted to hold them on the 2nd this year.  We had intended to go watch fireworks in the city with my in-laws and some friends of ours, but it rained most of the day. We were a little worried that the field where we watch was a going to be too wet so we decided to invite everyone to our house for our own celebration.

We had a hot dog cookout and then let the kids play outside until it was dark enough to set off the fireworks.  They had a lot of fun.IMG_0117

Amy and I also decided to make some brownies for some very yummy brownie sundaes.  Afterwards, we decided to let the kids lick the remaining batter.  IMG_0118   Finally, when it was dark enough, we set up the camping chairs and Ryan and Jeremy went to work on a really great fireworks show.  The kids had so much fun!IMG_0121      Mikayla, Matthew and Gavin watching the show.IMG_0128

The excitement is practically pouring out of her face, isn’t it?


Gavin kept saying, “Boom!” whenever the firecrackers went off. IMG_0134

He also tried to blow them out afterwards.  :)IMG_0129

Amy and Ryan have a new baby girl, Madelynn.  She is three months old and is absolutely adorable!  She did so great during all of the commotion and noise.  I think she was mesmerized with all of the lights.IMG_0127

The guys did a great job on the firecrackers and even had a nice little “finale.”IMG_0140                   As you can see by the kids reaction, the night was a total success.  We even think they were may change our normal pre-fourth tradition into this one.  We had a great night and would love to do it again. :)


kathymatthews927 said...

You skipped the part where the kids decided to BE fireworks!!!!!