Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chattanooga Day Trip

About two weeks ago, Jeremy and I drove up to Chattanooga for a little day trip with the kids.  We started out the day at Rock City.  Rock City is a place that is filled with beautiful floral gardens and rock sculptures.  We have been there a couple times and have always fully enjoyed ourselves there.

scan0001 This is a the picture that the staff takes of you as you enter into the gardens.  I have never purchased these before, but I was so pleased with how it turned out.   I did crop it a bit to take out all of the “Rock City” logos that were on the picture. :)IMG_0224 My favorite people.IMG_0227 My favorite little people. :)IMG_0228Me surrounded by my favorite little people.IMG_0232If you have even been remotely close to Rock City, you recognize these birdhouses.  They are very popular. IMG_0235From this area of Rock City, you can see out to seven different states.  That is always just amazing to me.IMG_0239This is the first time I have ever been able to get both of them to cooperate in one of these things.IMG_0241 This is part of the trail – it’s a pretty tight squeeze!

After Rock City, we had lunch and then headed to the Tennessee Aquarium.  In some ways, I like going to this one more than the one in Atlanta.  Atlanta’s “big” exhibits are definitely better, but there just seems there is more to see at the Tennessee Aquarium.  It is also a little less crowded and a little easier to navigate.  I enjoy both, so I guess it is hard to  compare them.

 IMG_0257 Mikayla “inside” one of the exhibits. IMG_0270

Gavin loved the multiple turtle exhibits.  He kept saying, “It’s Turtle Tuck!  It’s Turtle Tuck!” :) IMG_0278While we were there, it was feeding time in the main tank.  They had a lot of fun watching the scuba divers feed the sting rays. IMG_0298Mikayla and Gavin with some of the “penguins” in the penguin exhibit.  In the actual exhibit they had several penguins that had chicks.  We couldn’t see them because they were being kept warm underneath their Dads.  It was pretty cool. IMG_0317Outside of the aquarium the have a little water exhibit that they kids can splash around and play in.   It was VERY hot that day, so my kids really enjoyed getting to cool off a little bit.IMG_0320Gavin showing off his souvenir purchase…Turtle Tuck!IMG_0321 Mikayla got a little penguin that had a penguin necklace and pendant inside.  We later found out that all she REALLY wanted was the little penguin figurine. :)IMG_0324 IMG_0325 To finish off the day, we walked across the street to Ben and Jerry’s and let the kids have some ice cream cones.  That’s a pretty good end to the day in my opinion!

We had a great time together.  All in all, the kids did really well (especially considering that Gavin had no nap), and they really seemed to enjoy themselves.  I love creating memories with them. :)


kathymatthews927 said...

Wonderful pictures! These are great memories all of you can take out and enjoy!