Thursday, February 04, 2010


Gavin has always had a cute little language.  It first started out as a serious little babble that was impossible to understand, but so cute to here.  Now he is saying more words, but he definitely still has his own little language.  Here are some of his words and the English translation for them.

See-ka – Kayla.  (I love hearing him say this first thing in the morning.  “Hi, See-ka!  Hi See-ka!”  He is so genuinely excited to see her.)

Ha-see – Haley (our big grumpy dog)

“Chee-bell” – Tinkerbell (with a five year old girl we have a lot of Tinkerbell stuff around the house)

“Re-pack” – Rescue Pack from “Go, Diego, Go!”

“Mow, Mow” – His name for Baby Jaguar from “Go, Diego, Go”

This may be continued as more fun words make their way out.   :)