Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Circus Fun!


This past weekend, Jeremy and I took Mikayla to the circus.  We had a GREAT time.   IMG_4490 Mikayla on the Marta train.  She thought it was so much fun to ride the train down to the show.  It seemed to be much less convenient this year than it was last year.  We had to change trains about four times (not an exaggeration).  Apparently, because of budget cutbacks, they don’t run as many trains on the weekend.  It was pretty annoying.  She had fun though. :)IMG_4492 Mikayla got a mommy and baby Bengal Tiger as her souvenir – now that is the face of one happy little girl!IMG_4494 - edited  Mommy and Kayla. IMG_4506Picture of the tight rope acrobats – they walked (a rode) on that like they were walking down a sidewalk.  It was pretty impressive!IMG_4509 IMG_4513 My favorite part was the elephant show.  They are such big animals that you would expect to be clumsy, but they were so graceful.IMG_4518 Mikayla’s favorite part was the tiger show.    They were neat to watch, but whenever the growled and showed those (BIG!) teeth, you quickly remembered they just weren’t big kitty-cats.

We had a great time together and can’t wait until next year when Gavin will be old enough to join us.  Now that will be an adventure!