Monday, December 28, 2009

First ER visit

Well, I knew it was bound to happen.  First of all, I was a frequent visitor to the ER as a child.  Prior to the age of 5, I had stitches three times, swallowed a penny, broke my arm, and had a severe kidney infection.  Secondly, I work in the ER and I just knew that one of my children would being seeing my place of employment at some point.

Saturday morning I was not feeling very good thanks to a developing sinus infection.  Jeremy decided to take the kids to the gym so that I could head over to Target to get some medicine to help with my symptoms.   After I had been at the store for about 30 minutes, Jeremy called me and said that Mikayla had fallen through the window of a playhouse and had hurt her arm.  She was much more upset than she was with most of her multiple falls and he was worried that she had broken her wrist.  Jeremy was so great with her.  He stayed very calm, got her in a comfortable position once they got home, and got her some Motrin.  She was relatively calm once I got home.  Mikayla would not move her arm and was still in a significant amount of pain once I got home, so off to the ER we went.  My mom came which helped a ton.  We were there for 6 hours and I appreciated having her there to talk to and support me.

After some painful xrays, it was determined that her arms was indeed  broken and would need to be reset.  We originally thought that she would need to be sedated for the procedure, but after talking with the orthopedist, she only need a little “push” to get it back in place.  With the help of the Child Life Specialist and some Versed (also known as “goofy juice),  they were able to do a Bier block (which numbs the extremity so they can move her arm around without causing her pain).

Mikayla did great!  Aside from anxiety about getting her IV started, she did really good.  She will be in a cast for the next 4-6 weeks which should bring its own set of challenges.   So far, Mikayla has done really well.  I’m so proud of my big girl. 

IMG_4240 This is Mikayla right after we realized we were getting more than just a cast.  She was upset because we wouldn’t be able to go to my Grandaddy’s and Aunt Pam’s that afternoon like we had planned.IMG_4242

She bounced back pretty quickly though – she has a great personality.

IMG_4243 Mikayla really liked riding in the wheelchair.  We are off to the ortho room where they are going to reset her arm

IMG_4244  This is Mikayla (post goofy juice), on her way home with her blue cast (because blue IS her favorite color).  That bag is full of prizes that were given to her.  We left with two stuffed dogs (Bones and Colby), a gift bag of penguin stickers, a stamp, and a pencil, and a package of Bendaroos (that as a definite highlight).  I swear it was like Christmas all over again!M0002  This is a picture of Mikayla’s broken arm.  The larger bone (the radius) has a fracture near her wrist.


This is a picture of her arm after they fixed it – looks pretty near to perfect!

All in all, we had a very good experience in the ER.  So many of my friends came by to say hi to her and everyone that took care of us did a GREAT job.  I could not have asked for anything better. 

Side note:  I will post some pics from our Christmas festivities soon!  As you can see it has been pretty crazy around here.


Lisa said...

Natalie had versed during her finger repair in September. Good stuff, huh? (but we knew that)

I'm glad she wasn't / isn't too miserable.


Jenna said...

Glad she's okay! Seeing her in that little wheelchair makes me sad - brings back memories of Children's Hospital.

Jessi said...

So, so sad. She told me on Sunday that her cast and sling were just like Blues Clues. :) Hopefully she'll heal quickly though. I imagine that she's going to get tired of her cast very soon.