Sunday, December 06, 2009

Santa Claus is coming to town….


The kids went to go visit Santa last week.  Mikayla was so excited to see him and tell him her long list of things that she wanted.  I actually had to cut her off, because that girl could talk forever!  Gavin was not so eager.  He was okay sitting in my lap as I was sitting next to Santa, but when I placed him on Santa’s lap, he went pretty ballistic.  Thankfully, Santa’s helpers had a nice wooden rocking horse that we placed just in front of Santa for pictures.  Gavin was cool being close to Santa, so that worked out wonderfully and made for some very nice pictures.Capture_00001

Just for comparison purposes, this is a pic of Gavin without the aid of the rocking horse. ;)  Yeah, that was NEVER going to happen.


Lisa said...

LOVE the Rocking Horse. Love that you bought the less than perfect picture, too.

JAMIE said...

such cute pics!!