Thursday, September 30, 2010

Early Release fun


So, with Mikayla in full day school five days a week, we don’t have as many opportunities to go on outings during the week like we used to.  For her first Early Release Day, we decided to take advantage of a great deal at the Georgia Aquarium and spend the afternoon there with some friends of ours.   Mikayla and Gavin had a great time hanging out with Matthew!  They all had a great time and if you can forget the last fifteen minutes that included a complete meltdown by Gavin, the did really well. (In Gavin’s defense it was the middle of nap time and he couldn’t go on the obstacle course because he was about 3 inches too short)

IMG_0528 Mikayla hanging out with “Deepo.”

IMG_0532 Looking at the jellyfish.

IMG_0533 Gavin gazing in absolute amazement in the tunnel that leads to the big window.

IMG_0534 IMG_0540  The aquarium has laminated cards that you can borrow so that the little ones can attempt to name all of the fish that are in the tank.  They didn’t really succeed, but they had fun anyways.

I am so glad that we made this trip downtown.  It was a loud car with four little ones (two of which needed naps and another two that were crazy excited to see one another) and they were a little active at the aquarium, but it was a really fun afternoon.