Wednesday, May 19, 2010

She’s all done!

Mikayla is all done with preschool.  Today was her last day.  Tomorrow we will have her graduation.  I can hardly believe that she will start Kindergarten next year.  She is growing up so fast – it practically takes my breath away.  100_1848 This is a picture of my little Mikayla, at two years old, on her first day of preschool.  I love how purely excited she looks.  I remember how confident she was.  She got out of the car, gave me one little look of brief apprehension, then turned around and walked into school.  She has always been so sure of herself.  IMG_0008

This is a picture of Mikayla, my big five year old, on her very last day of preschool.  She is still the same confident and sweet little girl that she was on that very first day.IMG_0009 The hard her end of year party today.  They started out the party with some yummy food. IMG_0014And then they set up some water games outside and just let the kids run wild.  If you notice, Gavin is there in the background.  They were kind enough to let him in on the fun, too.IMG_0016

Mikayla had a lot of fun playing with her friends.  Here she is with one of her friends, Ruth.  They are soaking some water balls to throw at people.IMG_0017 This is Mikayla with Kylie, another one of her little friends.IMG_0018  The girls had fun warming up by making some chalk drawings on the driveway.IMG_0001

I also thought I would share a pic of our teachers’ gifts for the year.  I saw this on the TipJunkie website and thought it was a great idea.  I was really pleased with how they turned out.

Tomorrow evening, is Mikayla’s preschool graduation.  I’ll be sure to pack lots of Kleenex and take lots of pictures to share! :)