Saturday, May 08, 2010

Mother’s Day Tea

Today, Mikayla’s preschool class hosted a Mother’s Day Tea Party.  I had such a great time with her!


Despite the look in this picture, she was actually happy to see me.  This was at the end of the event and, as you can see, she was less than thrilled that I was leaving so that she could finish out her school day. (She ended up being glad in the end, though – mommy knows best!)  IMG_5045

When we arrived, her teacher took a picture of us (see, she is happy!) and then we went and decorated a picture frame together.  They printed out the pictures during the event and we were able to take them home with us afterwards.   I think it turned out pretty cute! IMG_5046  She also made me this beautiful jewelry box.  On the side of the box, are flowers made with their finger prints.  I just love it!

IMG_5055 IMG_5056

They also took the time to write these little blurbs about us.  Some of them were so funny!  I thought Mikayla’s was so sweet.  I am a little bothered, though, that she thinks I have brown hair! ;)  IMG_5038

After I picked Mikayla up from school, we went to lunch at Steak and Shake.  After that we went to WalMart and picked out some flowers for us to plant together.  That is on the agenda for tomorrow, so I will have to share that with you at a later time. 

I love these special events and times that I get to share with my children.  They are so precious to me and I love them so much!


kathymatthews927 said...

What a special time and memory for both of are such a special Mom.

Emily S. said...

Sorry Rach, if someone were to ask me what color hair you have... I'd say brown too :-)

Lisa said...

How sweet. And don't feel too bad, Nat said I had yellow eyes. =)