Saturday, February 21, 2009

Let’s go to the circus!

Today, we took Mikayla to Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey’s Circus.  This was her first visit to the circus.  We opted to leave Gavin at home.  He is definitely at an age where he does not like to sit in someone’s lap for an extended period of time.  We figured that we would have a little better quality time with Mikayla, so Gavin got to spend the day with my in-laws.IMG_2505

We decided to take the train down to the circus.  Mikayla liked going to the train station and looking out the window.  She wasn’t crazy about the tunnels though. IMG_2508 When we first arrived to the circus, everyone was allowed to go the floor for an all-access Preshow.  We were able to see the clowns, the stilt walker, the jugglers and some of the acrobats.IMG_2511 We were also able to get really close to one of the elephants.IMG_2512 Mikayla suckered us into spending more on “stuff” than we did on our tickets (which thankfully I got a good deal on through my work).  Her prized purchase was this little tiger that came in a purse.  On the way home when we asked her what her favorite part about the circus was, she said “Buying my Bengal tiger!”  Great.  She did divulge later, that she enjoyed watching the tigers and elephants, too.IMG_2514 This is her trying to dive into her snow cone.  It was a total mess, but she enjoyed it.IMG_2525 Mikayla and I hanging out during intermission.IMG_2526

We also got some cotton candy for us all to share. :)  The bag came in this cute hat.IMG_2529

Next to buying the Bengal tiger, watching the tigers perform was Mikayla’s favorite part of the show.  It was neat seeing those big animals do their tricks.  She really liked watching them stand up on their hind legs and walk around.  Their “treat” for performing well was raw meat – that was a little gross.IMG_2532

This was my favorite part of the show.  I have always had a thing for elephants – I don’t know why, I just like them.IMG_2537

Today was a great day.  Jeremy and I had a wonderful time with Mikayla and we look forward to many more circuses in our future. 


kathymatthews927 said...

Nana is so glad that the 3 of you had the fun time at the circus.......that is something Mikayla will always remember. Gavin was so much fun for Papa and I, he was so funny and sweet. It was a gift for us AND to be able to hear about Mikayla's "big" day!

Lisa said...

Ha! Nearly the same post as me, even up to the animal pictures! Were you at the 11:00 show too!? I'm glad everyone had fun! =)

Gavin, don't feel too bad, next year, Lindsey's getting a sitter too!

Lizzy said...

Too sweet!

Tom said...

Those aren't elephants, they're "phanatants" as dubbed by Rachel the first time she went to the circus... a noun that I still use today to refer to pacaderms...