Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine’s Day

We have had a pretty good Valentine’s Day this year.  It started last night with a lovely dinner with my favorite people.  We had grilled steaks, twice baked potatoes, salad, crescent rolls, and heart-shaped Jell-O Jigglers for dessert.  The Jigglers were definitely a crowd pleaser!IMG_2469

On Valentine’s morning, I made pancakes.  I used a squeeze bottle to make X’s, O’s and hearts out of the pancake batter.  They turned out very cute and Mikayla loved eating them.IMG_2470

This is my attempt to get a picture of the kid’s together in the Valentine’s Day outfits.  Gavin wanted nothing to do with it and Mikayla was being very silly.IMG_2473

Since Jeremy was working, the kids and I went to my Mom’s house to make some sugar cookies.  Mikayla had a lot of fun using her little rolling pin to roll out the dough and using the cookie cutters all by herself.IMG_2478 IMG_2475 IMG_2483

Three generations of gals making some cookies.IMG_2481    At first, we were going to let Mikayla put the sugar on the cookies herself, but she was dumping (and I mean dumping!) the sugar on the cookies.  We decided to help her out a little bit with that one.IMG_2490     The hardest thing about letting Mikayla frost the cookies  was keeping her from constantly licking the icing.  We ended up giving her her own cookies that she could do whatever she wanted and she could keep them all for herself.  I guess she could share with anyone that wants cookies iced with licked icing and manhandled sprinkles. ;-)IMG_2485

Gavin kept everyone in line and was our official taste tester after everything was done.


After we finished, Mikayla told me she wanted to lay down on Grandma’s couch and watch a movie.  I guess she knew she was tired.  She is so precious.


Since Jeremy was working a little later than normal, we decided to just order pizza for dinner.  A local pizza chain was making heart-shaped pizza at a great price.  Mikayla thought the heart shaped pizzas looked pretty cool.

Our Valentine’s Day was pretty low key, but I was thankful to spend it with the people that I love.  After all, that' is the whole point, right?


Carol said...

It was a treat to spend a fun afternoon with you and the kids - treasured memories!