Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gotta Love It!

I love fall! Summer in the south is so miserable, but we are rewarded when autumn rolls around. The temperature is absolutely perfect and the scenery is just gorgeous. I love getting to spend time outdoors with the kids. Last weekend, Jeremy and I took them to a local park.

Gavin loved the swings. He would just giggle and smile every time I pushed him.
He also enjoyed crawling around in the gas. Oh yeah, he thought it tasted pretty good, too.
Mikayla got to ride her tricycle some, too. We quickly realized that she needed alot of practice. For some reason, she doesn't really get the hang of steering. She just kind of goes wherever the wheel is pointed. I think we will be making some trips down to the cul-de-sac for some riding practice!
We have also had a great time hanging out in our backyard. We have a ton of trees that provide great shade. It is so relaxing back there. Since Gavin isn't walking yet, and I don't really want him crawling around, I usually put him in his walker out in the middle of the grass. He can't get around in it, but he just likes being in the middle of things. Mikayla also likes having her little brother "play" with her.