Sunday, August 31, 2008

My independant little girl

Any of you that have toddler's understand the independance that an almost 4 year old has. Mikayla is always saying "I can do it all by myself - I'm a big girl!" She really is getting to be a big girl. It's fun to watch (most of the time at least), but it also makes me sad. My little girl is growing up way too fast!
This is a picture that Mikaya took all by herself. She did a good job!!
Mikayla wanted to go outside, but I was feeding Gavin. She didn't want to wait, so she went upstairs and picked some clothes out of her closet and got herself dressed. We did have to make some changes since it was about 85 degrees outside and those are fleece pants. She didn't want to change initially though because she wanted to be all toasty warm.
I had to throw in this picture. This is her making one of her many silly faces. I just love this little girl!!