Sunday, August 17, 2008

He did it!

I have never been one to watch swimming. I enjoy watching it during the Olympics, but that is pretty much it. This year, has been particularly interesting, though. Michael Phelps, a swimming phenom, attempted to do the unimaginable. He set his goal for 8 gold medals during the Olympic games. Many said he couldn't do it, but he was able to prove them wrong. Last night, I watched as he swam into the history books. Him and the other members of the team one their relay, giving Michael Phelps his final gold medal for these Olympic games. It was a neat thing to literally watchin history in the making. I also watched him and his team when the first swimming gold medal of the game. That was an amazing race, one in which the won it in the very last milliseconds of the race. It was neat to see the beginning and the end of an amazing journey.