Monday, June 02, 2008

Mary Lou Retton, watch out!

Mikayla had her first gymnastics lesson today. She was excited about going, but when we got there she was a little apprehensive. The room where they meet isn't very large, so they don't let parents inside. Mikayla wasn't very wild about that idea and really wanted me to come in a "play with her." After assuring her that I would be right outside, she went in and ended up having a nice time. She is much more excited about going next week.


Family of 7 said...

Is she going on Mondays at the county rec center? If so that was the class Cailey and Carter were in last session. I think there is a little boy Cammeron in the class that was very shy about going? Anyways, my kids enjoyed it but, I won't sign them up there again. Carter went into the Men's restroom and when I was trying to fish him out I got chewed out by some old men that I shouldn't be hanging out by the Men's door. They insisted that I should have got one of them to help. Then this old lady came and caused a scene. It was the last day of class and I just told them I wouldn't sign my kids up for another class there if they were going to cause such a scene over nothing! I hope she has fun and stay away from the old people!