Saturday, June 14, 2008

Horse Back Riding Exursion

Last weekend when my sister and her fiance were in town we decided that Chris needed to see a little bit of the country and get on a horse. He never really been near horses and had never been on one. I have two very good friends that ride horses, so I have been around them a decent amount (not as much as you would think, though).
My friend Amy has several horses that she uses to teach riding lessons. I called her up and set up a time for a quick morning ride. She had just purchased a pony for her son, so we brought along Mikayla for a pony ride. Laura and Chris rode around (separately) on Amy's horse, Arizona. He is a very sweet and gentle horse that she has had since she was a little girl (11 years old I think).
Mikayla had the opportunity to ride her friend, Matthew's pony, Tex. She had so much fun. It would have been more fun for everyone else had it not been almost 90 degrees (at 9:30 in the morning!)

Amy always has her riders help get the ponies and horses ready before they ride them. Mikayla had fun brushing Tex.
Mikayla riding Tex.
Mikayla and Matthew posing for a photo op.