Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring is in the Air!

We have had some beautiful weather in Georgia this past week. We have ended up in the 70s nearly every day this week. We have really enjoyed getting to spend some time outside again. We have gotten in the habit of going out there about every afternoon after Mikayla's nap before I have to start dinner. Gavin also seems to really enjoy the outdoors.

We put Gavin in the swing for the first time - he absolutely loved it! He just giggled and smiled the whole time. Mikayla was happy to share her swing with her little brother and swing on the big girl swing.
That night after we had dinner, Mikayla and I went up stairs for a shower. While I was getting ready, Mikayla was playing quietly in her room. This is what I saw when I went in to get her for her bath. She told me she was having a picnic with all of her friends. She has quite an imagination!!


Anonymous said...

70 degrees?? This week alone we've had a hail storm, crazy winds that almost knocked over a tree at work and POURING down rain everyday. They think it might snow today. Kill me now.

For now, I will just dream of your 70 degree sunshine....

Natalie said...

Those are great pictures! We got one of those big green turtle sandboxes and it has been lots of fun (even after the kids left the lid off and it filled with rain!) I love the picnic shot too. What a sweetie and nothing makes a mom's heart melt like watching her kids play well together. :)