Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Today, Gavin is officially 6 months old. I can hardly believe how fast this time has gone. He is getting bigger and bigger every day. He really loves observing the world around him and is busy trying to discover it.
We have started giving him baby food. So far, he has had sweet potatoes, carrots and bananas. There have been no complaints, thus far, and I love to see how excited he gets when I put him in the high chair and he sees his bowl of food.
Gavin has been rolling over for several weeks. He uses this mode of tranportation to get all around our living room. He is trying to scoot, but just can't quite get himself up to his knees. I have to admit that I am doing absolutely nothing to help him learn how to increase his mobility.
Gavin is such a sweet little boy. He is so content to be held be you and he will entertain himself on his activity mat for quite along time. He is so laid back and easy going. This is a definite change for his go-go-go big sister.
Speaking of his big sister, I have really enjoyed witnessing the sweet interaction between these two siblings. Mikayla is so tender and playful with him. Gavin is genuinely happy and excited to see Mikayla each morning. I love seeing the two of them together.
Gavin has his 6 month checkup next week. I will be sure to post the official report for everyone to see.


Kate said...

Can he be that old???? not possible!

Anonymous said...

WOW... time has flown! He's still so cute and cuddly :)

Lisa said...

Now the fun can begin!! We did miss you at the zoo, but Mikayla's day sounded fun too. See you soon!?

Tom said...

Gavin is a very lucky little boy to have such a loving big sister and mom and dad.