Sunday, January 29, 2012

Christmas morning

Christmas morning with children is just magical.  I just love the pure excitement that they have, wondering what Santa has left for them while they were sleeping.   I hope that magic stays in our home for a long, long time.DSCF3827

Santa’s load before the kids had a chance to rip into it. 


I think they were excited to get into everything.


The big kids showing of their Happy Nappers, the most requested present this year.  I also feel I mest explain why Gavin is all dressed on Christmas morning.  That child has a slight obsession with getting dressed down to his shoes as soon as he wakes up.   I was unable to convince him to stay in his jammies…at least he picked out a Christmas shirt. ; )


Here is Brooke playing with two of her presets from Santa.  She loves them both!


The Christmas morning aftermath.  It would probably make more sense to clean up as we go, but this is just much more fun.