Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas to our family and friends!

4 Photo Filmstrip (1)

I had full intention of mailing out Christmas card this year.  I had pictures taken, I begged my sister to design a fabulous card for us, and I even had them printed.  They were delivered two days ago and the printing came out totally wrong.  They were printed in a new “digital” format that apparently cuts 1/2 inch off of your photo, which was a good portion of Brooke’s head.   So, once again, I decided to send them out in digital form.  That’s better than not sending them at all, right?

This has been a fabulous year for our family.

Jeremy is still employed at The Mattress Firm.  We are so grateful that he has a stable and steady job right now, especially when so many have so much uncertainty with their own employment.  He spends most of his free time being an awesome father to our children and working out at the gym.  He inspires me to be active!

I continue to work in the ER at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  It’s a great place to work and I work with some really amazing people.  My favorite job is still the one I do at home.  I feel so blessed to be an active participant in the life of my children.  They are wonderful little people and make me smile each and every day. 

Mikayla started first grade this year.  She is a very good student!  She does most of her math homework in her head and is reading chapter books now.  She is growing up to be such a sweet and caring little girl.  She is a wonderful big sister and is always looking out for her brother and sister. 

Gavin is in preschool this year.  He LOVES school!  He loves telling me about all of the adventures he has with his friends and his teachers.  He is my cuddly little boy…I can always count on him to crawl in bed with me in the morning and just lay with me.   He is a wonderful brother to his two sisters and always tries to make them happy.

Miss Brooke was born on June 27th.  She is such a joyful little girl.  She is my best sleeper (started sleeping through most nights at around 10 weeks old) and is a very laid back baby.  For the most part, she only cries when she is tired or hungry.  She loves watching the crazy antics of her older siblings.  She has brought so much joy and happiness into our home.  I just can’t imagine life without her!

I hope and pray that each of you are having a wonderful Christmas season with your families.  There is NOTHING better than being able to just spend time with those that you love.

My hope is that each of you will feel the blessings of our Savior during the upcoming year.  May the Lord bless each of your lives.   We are grateful for His blessings in ours!

Merry Christmas and  a Happy New Year to each and everyone of you.


Jeremy, Rachel, Mikayla, Gavin and Brooke