Sunday, July 17, 2011

First photo shoot

My sister, Laura is  trying to get some experience with photographing babies and children.  Thankfully, for her (and me!) I am more than willing to volunteer my children for the sake of helping her build some experience.  Her and my mom (for much needed moral support) came to our house this past Friday and we got some pictures done.  The main subject was Miss Brooke, but we included me and her siblings (Jeremy was at work).   It was pretty exhausting getting a very active six and three year old to cooperate.  It was even more exhausting to get a 2 1/2 week old that was NOT a happy camper to cooperate.  However, we were able to get some just beautiful pictures done.  It was definitely worth the work. Smile 

Here is a small sample of the beauty…..

Brooke 1Brooke 2Brooke 4Brooke 5Brooke 10Brooke 12Brooke 22


Anupam Srivastava said...

Nice blog site and beautiful pictures.