Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Circus Day Fun

Gavin’s preschool held their annual Circus Day.  This was Gavin’s first one, and he was so excited to go!


Their “admission” to the circus is a costume.  Does he not make a cute little Woody??


I think his favorite part was the pony ride – very fitting for my little cowboy.


The bounce house was also a hit!


They had tons of games that Gavin had a lot of fun with.  He got prizes with each one and left with a bag full of treats and trinkets. 

Jeremy and I had so much fun getting to hang out with our little man.  He is getting so big!  I just love watching him play and listening to him talk.  He says that funniest things these days.  It was a fun morning!


Laura (and Chris) Miller said...

Blog about the Gavin's commentary! Especially for those of us who don't really get to hear it :)