Thursday, January 14, 2010

Finally! A Birthday Celebration post.

Well, I am feeling pretty bad that Mikayla’s birthday post is so late.  Unfortunately, with the business of Christmas, broken arms, work, and life, it kind of fell by the wayside. 

Mikayla had a week long celebration, which I think is when you have a birthday 9 days before Christmas, is an absolute necessity. 

This year, we had Mikayla’s party at a fun place called Lollipop.  They have several inflatable jump houses for the kids to just go wild in.  Mikayla has no shortage of energy and this was a perfect party for our little five year old princess.IMG_4124

Mikayla taking a very short jumping break.IMG_4129This was one of the only quiet moments during the entire party.   I think the kids had worn themselves out and were very focused on eating.  :) IMG_4134

We ordered cupcakes for her party and had a princess candle on her special cupcake.  I love how excited she looks! IMG_4139 After her “friend” birthday party, our family came over to our house so that we could have a small party celebration.  My mom got her a princess cake.  What a lucky girl – two cakes in one day!IMG_4142Mikayla got that little panda as one of her presents – she loves it and can often be found in her arms.  IMG_4143 Gavin liked the cake, too.  He wasn’t able to go to the party because he had a low grade fever.  He had a lot of fun celebrating at the “after party.”IMG_4148

On the Monday before Mikayla’s birthday, she had a little birthday celebration at school.  She decided to go with a Tinkerbell theme for this party.  She had so much fun being the “star” for the day.IMG_4169

On the night before her birthday, we went to Red Robin for dinner.  Mikayla loves that restaurant and we always have a great time there.  IMG_4171This is the site Mikayla saw when she came downstairs on her birthday. IMG_4172

We served, per her request, one of her favorite breakfasts – Cinnamon Rolls!  I was glad that it was a quick and easy breakfast, because Mikayla had to go to school and I am not a joyful early riser. :)P1050710

Mikayla’s birthday fell on the same day as her preschool Christmas program and party.  They served these cute little Rudolph cookies, which Mikayla loved.  She was a little Rudolph obsessed this year. P1050715

After Mikayla’s program, we had a fun afternoon planned for her.  We went to her favorite place to eat, McDonald’s.  She would seriously go everyday if I let her. P1050720

After lunch, my mom met up with us and we went to go see “The Princess and the Frog.”  It was a very cute movie that Mikayla mostly enjoyed.  There was a short hysterical (and I mean HYSTERICAL) moment at the end of the movie when one of the character dies.  She such a tender-hearted little girl.IMG_4177

To round out the day.  I made Mikayla pancakes and bacon for dinner.  She is a girl that takes after her mother and loves breakfast food.

I hope that Mikayla had a wonderful week of birthday celebrations that helped her to create lots of memories.  She is a sweet little girl that is growing up way too fast…I love you, sweet girl!