Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Mikayla's big girl bedroom

Well, we have finally ordered Mikayla's furniture for her new big girl room. We had planned to make a trip down to Ikea today, until Jeremy found out that he could get this furniture through work at wholesale cost. We are going to end up spending about $50 more for higher quality furniture. I am so excited!! The only downside is that we won't have the furniture for about 2 weeks. Oh, did I mention that I am having a baby in 7 weeks!! We are trying to figure out a temporary solution to get Mikayla in her new room by next week, so that we can paint the nursery. I am hoping Jeremy can just borrow a simple metal frame from work... we'll see. We tried moving the crib in there last night, but it won't fit through the door without disassembling it - I was not interested in this option. Also, we learned that Mikayla has a bit of an attachment to her "yellow" room and doesn't want to sleep in her "pink" room. The next couple of weeks should be fun. I'll keep everyone posted on how things go.


Michelle said...

That furniture is so cute. Good luck on the room transfer. I'm not sure how ours is going to go either...atleast we've got more time to figure it out.
However, we also have to paint Maddy's room before it's ready for her.
Ah, so much to get done before #2.
Good Luck!

Emily Stinson said...

Love the furniture!!!!

kathymatthews927 said...

Love the big girl the big girl!

Jenny said...

I love her furniture! Audrey's bed is very similar, and I'd love to have the whole set (instead we've got a secondhand desk, a plastic dresser, and a $15 bookshelf - ah well, someday!).